Tuesday, November 3, 2009

"Wasting electricity for McCain" OR The difference a year makes

Election day 2008 was tense. Susan's peaceful Ashley Forest neighborhood became a yard sign battleground, with top honors going to this McCain-Palin shrine, especially after the sign on the roof was added to the display. The best the opposition could muster was a handwritten cardboard sign posted on a utility pole that read "Wasting electricity..." This clearly heartfelt sign was taken down so quickly that the blog did not even have a chance to take a photograph. In contrast, election day 2009 in Winston-Salem is a non-event. Our Mayor is running unopposed for his third term (he also ran unopposed for his second term). We are also electing city council members today, the majority of whom are also running unopposed...what this state of affairs says about the Camel City is hard to say...

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