Friday, October 29, 2010

Paul Krugman upsets the blog

From today's column in the New York Times:

This is going to be terrible. In fact, future historians will probably look back at the 2010 election as a catastrophe for America, one that condemned the nation to years of political chaos and economic weakness.

(Photograph of obelisk commemorating the Maine 4th at Devil's Den, Gettysburg, by Maurice:
11 killed, 59 wounded, and 74 missing.)

Sherwood Forest is aglow...

...with Halloween lights. From a walk in the gloaming earlier in the week.

October in Winston-Salem

Pumpkin-shaped doughnuts cooling on the line at the Krispy Kreme mother ship on Stratford Road.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Get on the bus

A view of Interstate 40 from the "Rally to Restore Sanity" bus, headed toward Jon Stewart's DC rally. The blog is very excited that a Winston-Salem pizza maker ended up on the bus (follow the related link in the article).

Monday, October 25, 2010

Not infringed

At the Las Vegas airport.

Jon went to Las Vegas...

...for the Live Design International conference and tradeshow, while Susan went to the National Science Foundation in Arlington. On the flight home Susan read an interesting article about Harry Reid in the New Yorker...possibly just at the same time Jon was taking photographs of what she was reading about: On the Strip, construction of one enormous new casino complex, the Echelon, abruptly stopped, leaving a very large vacant lot with the beginnings of a steel-girder skeleton rising from the ground. Another casino, the Fontainebleau, was halted at a later stage of construction; Carl Icahn recently bought it, for ten cents on the dollar, but has yet to resume building.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Stylin' at the River Birch Lodge

Nate and friends out on the town...outside the River Birch Lodge on Robinhood Road in Winston-Salem.

Midterm election approaching

Photographed in the parking lot outside of Lowe's supermarket on Robinhood Road, Sunday October 17. The blog always feels nervous photographing seems to the blog that the midterm election is only going to make everyone angrier than they already are, regardless of the outcome...

Inflatable gargoyle

Who doesn't love a good gargoyle? Halloween decorations are very popular in the Sherwood Forest neighborhood of Winston-Salem.

In a mist

Jon's photo of the Shaffner Park soccer fields on an October morning. Go ahead, listen to the incomparable Bix Beiderbecke play his composition of the same name, recorded September 8, 1927. The blog guarantees that your day will be improved if you do.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Summer in bottles

At the Dixie Classic Fair October 9, 2010.

Bee imagery pervades our society signs have been posted for about two weeks along Reynolda Road. The web site of this Pfafftown-based company is only somewhat informative. While the blog could make nerdy bee biology-based jokes about bee jobs, instead it will only express the hope that desperate job seekers don't get stung.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Things pretending to be obelisks

A last look back at Susan's September visit to Lewisburg, Pennsylvania. Beth and David Evans were exceptionally good hosts and possibly an even better "human obelisk."

Friday, October 8, 2010

American dream (buyers' market edition)

The blog managed to fit in one more walk, although the shorter days and the baseball play-offs make it hard to find the time. The moderately priced houses of Fiddler's Glen were built in 2005 and 2006. Despite the overall garage-centric style, this inoffensive development feels like a community. It is easy to imagine, in a couple of weeks, a high level of trick-or-treating. But home prices are falling here, and recent sales have dipped into the $130s. The Freddie Mac web site shows the foreclosure house on Trillium Lane in Fiddler's Glen available for $109,900. The blog thinks this is probably a great deal. Surprisingly, some spec houses are still under cosntruction...

Monday, October 4, 2010

Big cat

Jon spotted this big cat on his morning walk. If he walked in Susan's neighborhood, he could see her larger-than-life-size Roy Halliday on her lawn as she prepares for the Phillies post-season.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Is Jon's memory correct?

Maurice recently met Sergei Khruschev (son of Nikita) at a Georgetown event. Jon remembers being taken as a small boy by his mother, Maggie, to see Nikita's motorcade drive past. Is this a true memory or a false memory? A little bit of online research suggests that this event must have taken place in late September 1959. To jog Jon's and Maggie's memories the blog is helpfully including an Associate Press photo of Ike and Nikita together in 1959.