Friday, November 13, 2009

Unasked local interest question answered

During the summer the blog walked along the old Grandview Golf Course, in Pfafftown, Forsyth County, just off Yadkinville Road. It appeared to be closed, with evidence of suspended real estate development activity. The Pfafftown entry in Wikipedia (I can't make this stuff up) notes that the course, which opened in 1971, closed for business in 2007. It was hard to tell from what we saw if the golf course would be revived as an "amenity."

A question in today's SAM ("straight answer ma'am") column in the Winston-Salem Journal provides more information (SAM used to be a real person and an Ashley Forest neighbor of Susan; but the real SAM was fired in a cost-cutting move and now who or what constitutes SAM is a mystery). The 2007 development plan was for a subdivision of 130 acres with 241 residential lots. A revised plan with a smaller footprint was submitted and approved by the city's Planning Department in 2008. Two points to note: land currently for sale along Yadkinville Road was part of the initial plan. And the current plan includes the Grandview Creek Restoration Project.

Building activity is expected to begin within 3 weeks. The photo above is of a house that will be a neighbor of the new houses. It's a fine example of garage-centrism, and it will be interesting to see if the new houses also adopt the design principle of putting the garage (or more likely, garages) up front. In this case the water tower almost balances out the garage, but only a lucky few houses ever achieve the amenity of a backyard water tower.
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