Monday, November 2, 2009

Buena Vista Halloween

The blog recognizes the display captured in these photos as the best Halloween decorations sighted in the Triad this season. The growing popularity of Halloween lights was duly noted. Non-Winston-Salem natives are often surprised by the Southern pronunciation of this neighborhood's name (Boo-na Vista). The oldest homes in Buena Vista were built in the late teens and early 20s of the last century, and the neighborhood is sometimes described as home to many leading "second and third generation" families. In Winston-Salem: A History, Frank Tursi notes that wealthy Winston-Salem citizens were happy to leave behind Victorian mansions on urban West Fifth Street for the "secluded enclaves of Country Club Estates and Buena Vista."


  1. As an educated citizen of Winston-Salem and occasional speaker of the Spanish, I REFUSE to say Byoona Vista. Refuse.

  2. As long as you don't want an exciting and high-paying career in Winston-Salem real estate, I can support that position.

  3. Does this neighborhood decorate for Halloween? Is it good for trick-or-treaters? We are about to move to Winston, and are currently looking at homes. We have 3 daughters and Halloween is pretty important for us. I appreciate your input. Thank you.