Thursday, November 19, 2009

This is what looks normal to me

As I refine the "Tenets of Garage-centrism," I have been researching the history of garages. National Public Radio distracted me with a feature on parking garages. But what I am really interested in is the origin of the attached garage. I am not the only one so interested...this photo was taken in Ardmore earlier this summer. It is an excellent example of how even small lots were once designed to accommodate a detached garage at the end of a driveway. Those who grew up in the suburbs might not realize how normal and even modern this looks to me, given that in Philadelphia the main alternative was row houses and back alleys.


  1. I will support the notion that detached garages have far more charm (and can be bigger), but I won't disparage the garage in general. That's where all the cool stuff lives.

  2. See my abandoned garage post. What are my neighbors going to do with their cool stuff when they have no garage?

    My first thought was that I personally have no cool stuff at all in my garage. But then I thought about my beekeeping equipment...and my ladder...