Sunday, November 29, 2009

Crittenden Court

There is a little cul de sac just beyond the southbound Robin Hood Road entrance ramp to Silas Creek Parkway. The blog had not previously walked there because it is extremely difficult to access on foot. We took advantage of the good weather and the reduced traffic on the parkway on Thanksgiving to check it out: here's the path. We minimized time spent walking on the parkway by cutting through the parking lot of the Burkhead Methodist Church (which like many churches offers no history or information about its buildings on its website). This little community of 8 houses is truly isolated, but there is evidence, visible now that the leaves have fallen, that a walking path once connected the backyards of Crittenden Court to the backyards of Paddington Lane...Susan is hoping to have found a location off Silas Creek Parkway with a lower walk score than Ashley Forest, but hasn't checked yet. The photo is of the branch of the creek we intrepid explorers had to cross to get to our destination.

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