Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Where Reynolda Road becomes West End Boulevard...

...we find an imaginative monument to Daniel Boone! The monument was dedicated on October 29, 1927, so it is now almost 82 years old. It still looks great. Why Boone, why here? Boone lived in Colonial North Carolina for 21 years (from 1752 to 1773) and "all of that in the region bounded by today's Winston-Salem, Salisbury and Boone." It is interesting how Boone's memory lingers - the 275th anniversary of his birth was celebrated this past October 22. A recent article in the Winston-Salem Journal pays homage to Boone and the monument, which the blog has long wanted to photograph despite the difficulty of crossing to the little traffic island on which the monument is located. This past sunny Sunday turned out to be just the right day.

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