Friday, October 2, 2009

Up lights on the trees

Last week Susan, Nate, and Jon went to Wait Chapel to be part of an audience for an ESPN "this is your life" type of show about Chris Paul, the NBA player who was a local high school star and a Demon Deacon before joining the New Orleans Hornets. This was fun, in no small measure because Chris Paul is the nicest, most resilient human being one can imagine. We noted as we entered that trees outside the chapel windows were being illuminated and Jon asked simply: Why? The answer, of course, was that ESPN had decided that the TV viewers should see trees through the windows, even though the event was filmed at night and the sun had set by the time it started. The photo at the bottom is not a particularly good one because he needed to use the zoom, but I like how Jon captured Chris Paul and the interviewer in a quiet, unguarded moment before the show. Erin was in the audience, too.

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