Thursday, October 15, 2009

An answer for a reader, and another obelisk

The blog has amended a previous post to supply more complete information, and apologizes to its readers for a lack of clarity. Please return to the post on the Presidential Ball (October 12) for more information. Today's photo was taken this past summer in the large cemetery adjacent to Old Salem. This photograph needs Jon's skill with Photoshop to adjust the light, but I like the composition with the monument for Bowman Gray, Sr. in the foreground and the pseudo-obelisk of the Wachovia Building in the distance. When the first obelisks were erected in Egypt c. 2575–2465 BCE, they always came in pairs...But don't be fooled by the obelisk into thinking that Winston-Salem is Gray's final resting place. The tobacco salesman who eventually became Chairman of the Board of R.J. Reynolds died on a family vacation off the coast of Norway in 1935 and was buried at sea. His will left a bequest of $750,000 to Wake Forest College to start a medical school, and the Bowman Gray School of Medicine was opened in 1941.

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