Friday, October 23, 2009

Norman it....

Jon took this photo of a beautiful window at a recent workshop at Graylyn, inspiring the blog to read more about this fine example of 20th Norman revival architecture. From the August 2006 Winston-Salem Monthly:"Graylyn’s Norman Revival design suggests the waning popularity of Victorian ornamentation...Designed by the twenty-eight-year-old architect Luther Lashmit, Graylyn rose with a thick, bold aspect. Turrets, used as stair towers, were modeled after Norman silos, and stone chimneys loomed over slate roofs. For all its exterior mass, the interior was kept free and open; rooms flow into one another. J. Barton Benson fashioned extensive wrought-iron designs that contribute to the interior lightness."

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  1. I find the term "Norman" a bit too specific and misleading. I generally teach this as Romanesque Revival.