Friday, August 28, 2009

Over in the meadow...

Although the half of the blog recovering from the flu did not feel up to Friday wine,the blog did have a very nice Italian dinner with Erin at Paul's on Robinhood Road while it rained outside. There was some reminiscing over summer walks and a little bit of competition over walk scores. Can anyone beat Abe's 97? Erin's walk score when she was in Berlin was an impressive 75, but when she is in Winston-Salem she is only a 26 and when she is in Chapel Hill she sinks to a lowly 14. Abe claims he found a small section of Manhattan (Chinatown) that rates 100 - he's going to have to document that claim. The photo above was taken by Jon last June. It shows the meadows southeast of Reynolda House. Although we did not realize it at the time, this was the first summer of a new meadow planting project. According to Camilla Wilcox, Curator of Education at the Gardens, the meadow plantings have already induced Eastern meadowlarks to return to the gardens after a long absence. She also noted that the mixture of seeds planted was designed to germinate over different time periods and undergo a natural that this may be the only year the meadow is entirely yellow in June!

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    Take a look, Tribeca, Little Italy, and Soho are 100s.