Monday, August 17, 2009

Faux fox, real thoughtful development

Faithful readers of this blog may be surprised to find that today's post has some positive things to say about new construction. The blog walked for the first time in the Brookberry Farm development on Sunday evening. Here, well-designed (in some cases, even beautiful) houses are being carefully sited in a new community around attractive common areas, including ponds, a pool, and an appealing clubhouse/farmhouse, the roof of which can be seen in one of today's photos. This will require future visits. Two items of note - the fake fox was completely unsuccessful at its task of repelling geese, and the development derives its sense of cohesiveness because it once was a single property: it is the country estate of Bowman Gray, Jr., designated by the Harvard Business School database as an "American Business Leader of the Twentieth Century."

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