Thursday, August 13, 2009

Still don't get it

The blog walked over 4 miles on Wednesday evening, exploring Windsor Place off Shattalon Road and the very discrete but elite Ryanvaille. The blog determined experimentally that Windsor Place DOES NOT connect to Brownstone, and discovered ATV tracks in the flood plain behind the houses. The Windsor Place community of larger custom homes had the predictable feel of a more-settled Greenbriar Farm, but was notable for the sheer number of cul de sacs the clever builders managed to squeeze in. The huge wooded lots off Ryan Way were really the only surprise of the evening. The blog then retreated to Jon's HDTV to watch Pedro Martinez' first start for the Phillies. Despite the happy outcome, the Phils made it a little less exciting than it might have been by scoring 12 runs by the end of the 4th. So Susan's mind turned to household surfaces, particularly some photos she recently had Jon take of the Corian counters and sink in his kitchen, features of his home of which she thought that he was, to put it politely, irrationally proud. But the recent opening of the Corian Design Studio in Manhattan suggests that she is missing the does the existence of the ultracool all-Corian Seekoo Hotel in Bordeaux, France. In this case, "all" includes the facade...

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