Thursday, September 30, 2010

373 wins, 188 losses, career era 2.13

Baseball great Christy Mathewson (1880 - 1925) lies surrounded by obelisks in the beautiful Lewisburg Cemetery. The right hander's career spanned 1900 - 1916; he pitched for the New York Giants and the Cincinnati Reds; he never pitched a game on a Sunday, which earned him the nickname "The Christian Gentleman." He won baseball's triple crown in 1905 and 1908, and pitched 79 shutouts. Although he never graduated from Bucknell (he left in 1899 to start his professional baseball career with Taunton of the New England League), today the Bucknell Bison play football in Christy Mathewson Memorial Stadium. His early death was a result of lung damage caused by exposure to poison gas while serving in the Army during WWI (in the same unit as Ty Cobb).

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