Sunday, September 13, 2009

The blog lives the high life

The blog typically thinks of itself as shy and retiring, and its idea of a good time is an evening spent at home calculating walk scores. But occasionally the blog steps out. On Friday the blog went to Tanglewood Park in Forsyth County for the Department of Biology's annual picnic; on Saturday the blog tailgated with friends, including the remarkably cuddly and chubby Ian Eastman-Mullins, before watching the Deacons come back to beat the Stanford Cardinal 24-17. Friday wine had to be deferred until Saturday evening, at which time all the blog had the energy to do was watch the USC Trojans beat OSU. Despite the Buckeyes' unexpected loss, it was nice to see their mascot in action (see post on September 9 to see why Jon now "gets" the OSU mascot)...

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  1. That is a good looking baby. Didn't realize he had made the blog.