Monday, September 14, 2009

Bethel Church Nature Trail

Acting on a tip from Mary's friend, Davis, the blog went to the end of Bethel Church Road on Sunday evening (off Burke Mill Road, more or less behind the medical facilities behind Hanes Mall) and found a well-tended 19th century cemetery adjacent to a 1970s-style Methodist Church. The church itself is architecturally undistinguished, but it seems to be in the process of converting the adjacent land into a DIY nature preserve. The blog was impressed by the careful maintenance of the cemetery (which features many early 19th century grave markers) and the overall sense of welcome conveyed by the signs. The blog was unhappy that the chruch's website did not convey any historical information about the site, only the cryptic comment that "we have not been the ideal church in the past and we know this." If you are looking for a peaceful walk in Winston-Salem, this is it.

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