Thursday, June 4, 2009

Urban nature photography

Only a short walk was possible on Wednesday because of the return of the rain, so today's entries are from Sunday's walk on the part of the Muddy Creek Greenway that doesn't yet exist. We hopped under a bridge over Muddy Creek on on Phillips Bridge Road (possibly Phillips Bridge itself?). This access is adjacent to the Winston-Salem Little League complex (see Jon's faithful Honda in the foreground). We could hear the crowd watching a game as we walked on a muddy path through scrubby woods and open meadow. Jon had to play the role of mission nature photographer when Nate and I sighted a giant fuzzy black caterpillar (most likely a mature, "wandering" larvae of the giant leopard moth busy searching for a safe place to pupate). We turned around when we reached Route 421, but not before Jon photographed a view of this highway that relatively few in Winston-Salem will ever see.

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