Thursday, June 25, 2009

Don't let it be forgot...

Our goal on Wednesday evening was to return to Camelot. After an interesting wrong turn took us into new territory yet again, we recovered, reoriented, and redirected ourselves to an interesting development-in-progress called Camelot ("in the $500,000s"). The one story brick houses here are attractive and interesting, and most have their garages tucked around the back, creating urban-style alleys. So Susan likes the houses very much and, although they are not small, many are just two bedroom. Many lots are still available, but most of the houses already built have been sold. Building is apparently at a sensible standstill until buyers appear. Why does all of this make the blog uneasy? Could it be that the idea of building islands of development far from any services, retail, schools, or places of employment is just too 20th century for the blog's taste? For the record, the walk score of homes in Camelot is 5 out of 100. For comparison, Jon's walk score is 60, and Susan's is 23. Today's photo is our last look back at the blog's DC trip.

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