Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Work not dole

The desire that actual workers be invisible in the U.S. is mystifying. The upper photo shows the mural recently removed from the Department of Labor in Maine; the lower photo is Jon's photograph of a panel from the famous wharfies' mural lovingly preserved in the Australian National Maritime Museum in Sydney, Australia. That's right, a union made a gift of the mural to the public, and the government gratefully accepted it.

"The 2.2 metre x 1.8 metre section now on display illustrates the suffering of the working class in the 1930s depression, industrial resistance and the fight against Fascism.

A family is evicted from its home. Wharf gates are locked and unemployed workers line up for the dole, while the Unemployed Workers movement demonstrates against the dole and for the right to work.

Wharfies stack heavy lead 'pigs' (bars) by hand, displaying their heroic strength while

they raise their fists in resistance to oppression. Workers reach out to help their fellows under the Nazi yoke in Europe.

In the centre the face of WWF leader Jim Healy symbolises the triumphs of the union and the workers."

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