Monday, July 5, 2010

The blog answers a question

A walk on a fine evening last summer took the blog down Winston-Salem's "Millionaire's Row." The Washington Park neighborhood has many fine examples of mansions dating from the early 20th century, including this lovely two-story Georgian brick house on Cascade Avenue. Unlike many of the other mansions in this area, "WinMor" is clearly a lived in home in fabulous condition. But who or what is "WinMor"? The blog spent much of the winter looking for this name in corporate histories of North Carolina, and even entertained the notion that the house had been won in a horse race or a poker game. But the mystery has been solved, with help from the Winston-Salem Monthly magazine. The current owner purchased the house in 1985 and undertook the necessary restorations with care and a sense of history. He then renamed what had previously been known as the Gilmer House in honor of his two sons, Winfield and Morgan. Who were the Gilmers? In the 1920s this family owned the largest department store in Winston-Salem. It was located at Liberty just north of 4th St.

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