Sunday, February 14, 2010

The end of an era...

...of whining about the new downtown ball park is close-at-hand. The Sunday Winston-Salem Journal reported that the Dash Stadium is likely to be finished on time for its April 13th opening homestand, although important issues about the installation of the sod remain unresolved. Before there was a blog, Jon and Susan went on a hard-hat tour of the stadium in January 2009 in the happy conviction that the stadium would open in April 2009. Little did they know that owing to financial problems and cost overruns etc.,work on the stadium would not resume until late in 2009 (until after the proverbial taxpayer bail-out).


  1. They aren't leaving themselves a lot of margin. The sod issue isn't a minor one because the grass is important to the playing conditions. There is no plan B at this point.

  2. Did you see that Wake Forest baseball is switching to artificial turf? It was nice to see the baseball team on the court during halftime at the Georgia Tech basketball game, though! An early sign of spring. The number of cold weather games the Deacons have to play probably means that artificial turf makes a lot of sense.