Sunday, January 3, 2010

"Trails of the Triad"

The blog actually owns a book with the title Trails of the Triad (by Allan de Hart), which features "more than 140 hikes within a 50-mile radius of the Triad." Unfortunately it was published in 1997, but it seems that change comes slowly, as the description of the Silas Creek Trail was the same on January 2, 2010, as then: "To access the trail, turn east off Silas Creek Parkway onto Yorkshire Road and go a few yards to the parking lot, on the right. The trail begins to the left, where it parallels a stream and Silas Creek Parkway. In a mature forest with honeysuckle and wild rose, it crosses a footbridge at 0.4 mile. The northern trailhead does not have a parking lot. Backtrack, or go east 250 yards on Robinhood Road to a parking lot at a church."

So - is there an updated edition that the blog has overlooked? No, although Mr. De Hart did prepare a second edition of "Trails of the Triangle" in 2007. Should the blog be discussing matters with the publisher (it's a local publisher: John F. Blair, 1406 Plaza Drive, Winston-Salem, NC, 27103)? Or is this blog itself the
de facto update?

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