Monday, July 27, 2009

Hilltop Drive & Hilltop Court

The blog "gets" that this was all once a farm, possibly a really big farm. What is amazing is that, within easy walking distance of Robinhood Road and Jefferson Elementary School, farmland persists. Even without a prolonged downturn in the real estate market, it will be a long time before Winston-Salem runs out of land for McMansions and cluster homes. By the way, a search of the internet reveals that the term "cluster home" does not appear to have a legal or fixed definition. Here's the best definition the blog could find, which seems too broad: subdivision technique in which detached dwelling units are grouped relatively close together, leaving open spaces as common areas. Susan would add that the homes are typically small and affordably priced, with modest amenities (e.g. landscaped open spaces but not greenways or club houses). Some municipalities specify the percentage of available space that must be set aside for common use - for example, in Lewisburg, PA, 40% of the land must remain undeveloped.

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