Wednesday, April 29, 2009

More Walk-N-Wheels

Summit students once again bravely headed out on foot or bike to school...with an escort of parents, teachers, and a police officer to help them cross Reynolda Road. Despite the largely symbolic nature of this effort (for example, my son Nate and I have to drive past Summit School to get to the meet-up place), I am impressed that 261 Summit students (almost 45% of the student body population) did not arrive by car last Wednesday. I learned that the correct term for those who walk or bike to school or work is "active commuter." The number of "active commuters" looks even higher today than it was last week. I liked seeing the students walking across the church parking lot with the yellow pedestrian sign lurking at the edge of the photo, but it was hard to find a car-free interval in which to snap a good picture.

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